Aksell has a business unity exclusively dedicated to the provision of services/industrialization for the Food Industry.
We have equipment and expertise for:

Complete Industrialization

We provide industrialization services that can involve all stages of a production process development. There are numerous advantages in outsourcing production, such as lower fixed costs, process optimization, focus on core business etc.


One of the most traditional stages of our service prividing is the drying of products. We have numerous dryers, each with different drying characteristics, to serve a wide range of products. Contact us and we will evaluate the best solution for your company.


If you need to outsource product mixes, contact us. We are able to make dry or liquid mixtures of products that are part of our portfolio.


Nowadays, changing the type of packaging (sacks to big bags or vice versa) is very common, as well as packaging products in special food packages.

Micronization / Milling

We have numerous mills and micronizers that can be outsourced for food products or ingredients. Meeting various particle sizes and arrangements, we have experience in providing this service.

Tailor Made Services

If you have a specific need, such as filtration or separation of products.

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