Sodium Reduction Program

Light Salt

What are the advantages of reducing sodium in food?

It is now possible to reduce sodium considering the best cost for each application as well as the objectives of both the category and ANVISA. Bring more health and quality to your customers and consult us on the best way to reduce sodium in your products.

Aksell’s Light Salt, with reduced sodium content, has the following advantages:


Although essential for our metabolism, excessive sodium intake can be harmful for people with a history of high blood pressure, heart problems, obesity, among others. In addition to sodium reduction, Aksell’s Light Salt has added potassium, which also helps to improve the sodium/potassium balance in the body.


Without the bitter and metallic flavor of similar products, Aksell’s Light Salt formula was specially developed to be lighter on the mouth, making food tastier.

Better Cost x Benefit

Aksell’s Light Salt is based on a sodium/potassium mix and, in addition to keeping the taste of food unchanged, our exclusive formulation presents the best cost-benefit ratio in the market.

Recommended for

Broths and Seasonings
Meat and Sausages

Bakery, Cookies and Pasta

Cheese and Dairy
Soups and Ready Meals

Potassium Chloride

Healthy Sodium

Aksell’s Potassium Chloride is a mineral of natural origin and high purity. It is the most used item in the world for sodium reduction and its main highlights are:

Flavor Enhancer


Flavor Agent

Nutritional Supplement

PH Regulator




We are one of the leading manufacturers of this item in Brazil and we export to more than 10 countries.

Aksell’s Potassium Chloride is recognized as having the best taste.

We have an excellent and competitive price. Contact us.

We have developed the best light salt and the best potassium chloride on the market, which are already distributed to more than 10 countries.

We rely on our experience of more than 15 years in sodium reduction products to manufacture potassium salts and minerals, light salt, low sodium salt and others. See below for more advantages of replacing sodium with the Aksell Reduction Program.


Better flavor

Aksell has been relentless along its history in seeking to develop the best flavor in our products.

We study the best sensory perception considering the best particle size for each application.

Aksell prioritizes raw materials of marine origin, which also helps in the sensory issue.

We have a unique crystallization process that enables us to have the best product on the market in the sensory issue.

We have developed a way in which we guarantee higher purity.

Many other variables such as product application, humidity and pH are considered in the search for the best flavor and you can customize these variables with us.
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